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Product development is such a high-risk process, and only  few new product programs see the light of day. For us at KNS Engineering, we set measurable goals and review progress at each stage of the development process, from the generation of ideas, through commercial and technical assessment down to the detailed development, and finally, the launch of a product that meets consumers’ needs.  

We have a team of leading and highly experienced product designers, dedicated to helping organizations and individuals create unique and innovative products.

 Combining our creative approach with unique product development process and best practices, we have produced an extensive track record of success, enabling our clients to create the best products for their customers, brands and markets.

  Our expertise and experience cuts across a wide range of industrial design sectors, which includes healthcare products, telecom equipment, automotive, manufacturing, medical devices and lots more!.

Best in Class Concept Designs

With front end research out of the way, we come up with best-in-class concept designs for our clients. Our team of designers gets to work by using first hand-sketching and creating hundreds of small development sketches. We continuously evaluate these sketches based on ergonomics, styling, cost, manufacturability and function. We encourage our clients to be actively involved at this stage to get the best result.


Disruptive Innovation

Our goal is to see clients succeed at the earliest stage. We go above the call of duty to ensure that we develop disruption innovative products while the process goes on as smoothly as possible from concept to commercialization. KNS Engineering can give life to your most treasured ideas.

 Product Commercialization

To achieve a successful product commercialization, it requires joined-up-thinking. We put our experience to test to help our clients develop products that will meet commercial goals and yield profit in the long run.

 KNS Engineering is your best partner-solution when it comes to new product design and development needs.


About Us

KNS Engineering is a full product development company. Our experience cuts across a wide range of product development processes, from conceptual production, ideation, and design to prototyping, manufacturing and engineering.

 Our open-door policy puts our clients in a good position to approach us at any stage of their product development--whether it’s still in its early phase or far gone. We deliver results by helping companies streamline their path to success and bring their ideas to life.

 With the oodles of skill and experience at our disposal, we pride ourselves on our capacity to provide your company with full service, turnkey product development solutions that meet demands and improve your bottom line. Our culture is hinged on delivering top-notch services by walking you through the specifics of each phase and process therein.

 With a highly competent team of engineers and designers, we rise above competitor to offer excellence in service when we exceed anticipated production, details and meet schedules at all times.    


Our Services

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Product Specification

 At KNS Engineering, the project begins with an initial discussion with our clients to understand the details and requirements of the proposed product, alongside its design criteria, time frame, specifications, etc. After all of this has been put into consideration, we go ahead to produce a detailed project proposal that specifically outlines our adoption process, cost, timeframe of each stage and the deliverables.

 Concept of Development

We would generate a series of initial design concepts for the product with your design instructions. These initial ideas are probably broad in scope and consider more fundamental issues related to the product, such as:, usability, aesthetics, market forces, ergonomics, underlying product architecture, materials & finishes, technical feasibility etc. We would synthesize and evaluate these initial ideas together with you so we can quickly focus on a concept option that you prefer. With this process, you can identify and visualize the most suitable product concept and also have a grasp of the potential costs, risks and feasibility before continuing with the most important phase of product development.

Design Development

This happens to be the focal point of the product development process and usually takes the longest time. At this stage, we take the product concept and produce a 3D CAD model of the components. We go ahead to confirm any assumptions in the concept phase and also do a validation of the design functionality and materials via a rigorous testing process.
Additionally, we do a confirmation as regards the ergonomics and usability, specify the colors, materials and finishes that would be in use, emphasize design for production and assembly and have a discussion about the proposed design with potential manufacturers for its optimization for production. For more complex projects, development can sometimes be divided into different phases closely related to rapid prototyping activities.

Rapid Prototyping

 At KNS Engineering, we see prototyping as a crucial part of the product development process, because it offers a detailed part of the product for testing and evaluation before focusing on production tooling.

Preliminary prototypes or test setups can be made to prove a specific detail during the development process and a number of working prototypes of the complete product are usually produced at the end of the product development phase. There are quite a number of rapid prototyping processes available and different levels of realism that can be accomplished based on the requirements. Prototypes can be deployed for user testing, technical evaluation or sales and marketing purposes. In general, prototypes that completely mimic the final product in terms of finish, feel, material and functionality are costlier.

Specification of Production and Manufacturing Assistance

 For each component of the product, a drawing with product specifications is made and 3D CAD data are carefully checked before it is issued for the production. KNS Engineering maintains contact with your production partners during the manufacture and checks whether first-off parts fall within tolerances and specifications. We have long standing years of experience designing for production, with a thorough knowledge of most production processes.


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About Us

Why Choose KNS Engineering?

We understand your ideas mean so much to you, so we treat each and every industrial design project like our own. Our goal is to meet our clients at the point of their needs.

As one of the top-performing companies in this industry, we put out low cost, high-quality products for a  number of industries. It helps us to deliver on revenue target while increasing profit margin alongside.

 Great Relationships

The  great relationship we have with our customers, suppliers and vendors has set us apart from the competitor and pushed us to the forefront of the industry. Our clientele base enjoys the great value we bring to the table as our service goes smoothly without snags or unexpected hiccups.

Passionate Professionals

 At KNS Engineering, we eat, sleep and breathe product development. In other words, we are a passionate group of professionals that goes far beyond delivering a baseline product with enough vision to build a viable product that can be iterated upon consequent on the market need.

 Proven and Time-tested Product Development life cycle

 Because we understand that each product varies in shape and size, we go beyond the call of duty to ensure that we deliver proven and time-tested product development service. We make it a point of duty to explain to our clients exactly what the product development process entails. We do not stray away from product development strategies because we believe that’s where the success begins.

 Wouldn’t you rather do business with us?


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